• Monitor, Manage and Maintain your Smart Devices


    A 3rd party Smart Home Installation platform for:


    - ordering technicians as an On-Demand service (Consumers)

    - outsourcing the entire customer support to our contractors (IoT Manufacturers)

    - finding more jobs across all smart devices (Technicians)


  • Platform built to give customer full confidence in buying IoTs

    Our platform helps you to monitor and manage your personal smart home or IoT devices whilst providing a full customer support by matching you with local available technicians:

    • We are here to give all the customer full confidence in purchasing any devices out there
    • Technicians on our platform will always be there for installation of smart homes or IoTs breaking down

    • We are here to help any IoT manufacturers to simply focus on building their hardwares

    Bringing frictionless integration of your smart things

    Our platform is powered by our open source project - Collector. Collector is a catalogue of IoT devices out there in the world.

    Connect your devices to one central platform, easy configuration and no friction in adding or removing devices that you'd like to access the data and control devices remotely. Our platform gives the real time monitoring data and the maintenance logs so that consumers get the full confidence in purchasing any IoT devices without a concern.

    On-demand technical support

    We make sure that you don't experience a downtime

    We work with several certified technicians, purely focused on customer support side. Technicians on our platform will come in to your house to install or fix your IoT or high tech devices at your smart home then maintain the high tech system. We would like remove frictions in matching right technicians with customers when it comes to smart home installation and maintenance support.


    Once your device is connected, our system understands problems which then suggests that a certified technician should be dispatched at your home at the quickest possible time to fix these issues.

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    We are looking to partner up with certified technicians and IoT manufacturers, selling their products in the SF Bay Area but lacking in their customer support team

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